Cobblestone Shopping Center Grande Prairie 2018

Cobblestone Shopping Center Grande Prairie 2018

Replacement of Sidewalks and patios at the Cobblestone Shopping Center

Some of the sidewalks at this shopping center have been installed, ripped out and reinstalled 3 times in the past 15 to 18 years by various contractors. Sidewalks are supposed to last as long as the building! The reasons for the sidewalk replacements where the same as most, if not all the reasons in the list below:

  • Sidewalks heaving and not allowing doors to open
  • Large cracks,  gaps, and tripping hazards appearing in the sidewalk
  • Sidewalk sloping toward the building instead of away
  • Sidewalks applying upward pressure and loosening  stonework and siding, and even cracking windows in glazing units.

Why is this happening?  Can we blame it on the extreme cold temperatures? The volatile clay soil that we live on? The moisture in the ground? The previous home owner or building owners bad decisions?

Or can we accept that we live where we are and face these issues head on, and change our building practices to compensate for the climate we live in, the soil we live on and the uninformed people we live with? Contractors and engineers have been ignoring these issues for generations!


The concrete problems in this area have reached epidemic proportions!


Rocky Johnson Contracting will install quality concrete work for you that can last as long as your building!

Many of the jobs we have done for building owners that have allowed us to do the job right do not experience these troubling issues.

Feel free to contact one of the guys at RJC for a free consultation for your new or existing concrete work and we would be happy to work with you on your project!

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